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PNew-2004_2000_Pesos.jpg (29461 bytes)          PNew-2004_2000_Pesos-r.jpg (27870 bytes)

Date of issue: 2004

Catalog number: Pick New - 2000 Pesos

Varieties: None existing

Signatures: Information not available

Estimated quantities printed: Information not available

Printer: Information not available




P116-2002_50_Pesos.jpg (30529 bytes)           P116-2002_50_Pesos-r.jpg (29925 bytes)

Date of issue: 30-09-2002

Catalog number: Pick 116a - 20 Pesos

Varieties: P116a with 2 vertical bars,  series A  to F & P116b with 3 vertical bars from series G

Dimensions: 130 x 66 cm

Signatures: various

Estimated quantities printed: 480.000.000 Total, 180.000.000 printed by NPA & 300.000.000 printed by BdM

Printer: Note Printing Australia & Banco de Mexico
Note: Issued for general circulation