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P134-1993_50.000_Rupiah.jpg (26014 bytes)          P134-1993_50.000_Rupiah-r.jpg (23936 bytes)

Date of issue: 01-03-1993

Catalog number: Pick 134 - 50.000 Rupiah

Varieties: None existing

Dimensions: 154 x 77 cm

Signatures: Governor, A. Mooy & Director H. Tampubolon

Estimated quantities printed: 5.000.000

Printer: Note Printing Australia

Note: Issued to commemorate the success of 25 years of development under Soeharto's government 


P140-1999_100.000_Rupiah.jpg (19895 bytes)          P140-1999_100.000_Rupiah-r.jpg (21113 bytes)

Date of issue: 2004

Catalog number: Pick 140 - 100.000 Rupiah

Varieties: None existing

Dimensions: 151 x 65 cm

Signatures: Governor, Syarhil Sabirin & Deputy Governor, Iwan R. Prawiranata

Estimated quantities printed: 500.000.000

Printer: Note Printing Australia & Note Printing Works of the Bank of Thailand

Note: Issued in anticipation for an increased demand for cash as a result of worries about the year 2000 millennium computer bug