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P45-1998_50_Ringgit.jpg (30312 bytes)          P45-1998_50_Ringgit-r.jpg (27864 bytes)
Date of issue: 01-06-1998
Catalog number: Pick 45
Varieties: No existing varieties
Dimensions: 152 x 76
Signatures: Governor, Tan Sri Dato' Ahmad bin Mohd Don
Estimated quantities printed: 500.000
Printer: Note Printing Australia
Note: Issued to commemorate "The Kuala Lumpur 1998 - XVI Commonwealth Games" a landmark sporting event in Malaysia

PNew-ND_5_Ringgit.jpg (20629 bytes)          PNew-ND_5_Ringgit-r.jpg (15962 bytes)

Date of issue: 26-10-2004
Catalog number: Pick New - 5 Ringgit
Varieties: No existing varieties
Signatures: Governor, Dato Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Estimated quantities printed: No Details available
Printer: Note Printing Australia